Carleton • Village Galleries Maui


Carleton finds Lahaina’s landscape perfect for his plein air oil paintings of local subjects. Always pushing his talents to better express his fascination with light and shadows, Carleton’s paintings are uplifting and optimistic.   He is an award winning annual participate in the Maui Plein Air Invitational, winner of the Lahaina Poster contest several times and first recipient of a private “Creativity Grant” in 2012.  He has been represented by Village Galleries for over 25 years.

Carleton’s enthusiasm is reflected in his energetic oils of “Life in Lahaina”. His confident handling of oils is evident as he captures Maui on canvas. From sunrise to sunset, his oils bring us the richness of the day. 

Artist's Statement…
"It’s been an exciting challenge to capture West Maui’s uncommon landscape. As the sun rises over the mountain, the early morning light shows the beauty of everything it touches. I’m drawn to the subjects in Lahaina that are undeveloped, showing Maui’s natural drama, and subjects showing our unique island life-style, especially the harbors."